CESBA Conference 2018 - November 29-30


"It was well planned out and well run. The hotel was a perfect and this is an easily accessible location and the fact that there was food available upon arrival in the market restaurant was wonderful. Great job!"
"Overall, I found the conference to be most valuable. I will be begging my principal to let me attend in future years. Thank you for providing such a rich environment of engaging sessions and people to engage with."
"For those of us in small and rural boards with limited resources and staff, CESBA is a critical partner in supporting our alt/adult and con. ed. programs."
"Super intéressante présentation et mise à jour de ce qui se fait et pourrait se faire dans ce dossier, plus particulièrement pour les adultes; animateurs super-connaissants et dynamiques."
"Great presentations and relevant research. I also found the questions asked by the audience to be 'on point' which is rare. Again, a sign of well orchestrated and thought provoking presentations."
"J'ai bien apprécié la documentation en français ainsi que la présence d'un francophone à l'accueil. Le nombre croissant de représentants francophones est en grosse partie dû aux efforts déployés par CESBA pour appuyer les délégués de langue française."
It's a specific annual event designed to support employees who work for Continuing Education services and brings like minded people together.-
The keynote speakers were engaging and the content was interesting.-
I enjoyed this year's conference for the networking and the opportunity to hear different speakers.-
I appreciate the effort, time and amount of organization it took to put this conference together. It is an outstanding opportunity for networking, sharing information, learning about the latest trends in the 'business' of Adult/alternate education. Well done!-
I love meeting with provincial peers to hear the great stuff happening across the province and 'steal' their ideas!-
We often work alone and so it was nice to meet with the managers. This gave me the opportunity to introduce other managers outside our board to our new principal.-